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Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Percide

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Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Percide

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Percide (AP610) is an advanced peroxide based hospital grade disinfectant for the eradication of mould and decontamination of infectious environments. Its unique formula penetrates deep into porous surfaces and reacts violently with mould spores & growth to entirely eradicate them. It also removes the mould stain and brightens the surface being treated. Percide does not encapsulate or hide mould, but eradicates its spore roots to ensure consistent, 100% clearance reports on every mould remediation job.
Percide also displays incredible biocidal activity against bacteria and viruses. When evaluated against the Hospital Grade disinfection test and the AOAC Hard Surface Carrier test it achieves total microorganism elimination in only 60 seconds.

Percide’s unique peroxide formula has several innovative design features to provide consistent, reliable results in mould remediation every time. It’s aggressive reaction with mould can be seen by the rapid fizzing when it contacts mould as it eradicates the mould spores and lifts the mould out of surface pores.
Percide takes only 10 minutes to achieve a >4.5log reduction (kill) when tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis. With a very favourable and economical RTU profile, Percide is a product of choice.

Percide’s primary function is to provide rapid, powerful pathogen eradication even in the presence of organic soil. Promoting this function is Percide’s deep pore penetration ability, making it the ideal decontamination and restoration tool for trauma, black water and bio-contamination applications.
Percide leaves no oily or toxic residue and can be left as residual after clean-up is complete.
Percide is active against gram positive and negative bacteria, moulds, spores, enveloped and non-enveloped (lipid & non-lipid) viruses with super-rapid kill rates.


  • Advanced Peroxide Formula – Percide comprises a unique peroxide formula for incredible disinfection and mould eradication performance in a low toxic, easy to use form.
  • Penetration – To provide ultimate sanitization of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has been combined with super-wetting technology. This enables the biocide to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner-structure of fibre and porous substrates.
  • Cleaning and Destaining – Percide lifts mould from surface pores and provides incredible cleaning and destaining action on mould and bacterial discolouration.
  • Eliminates odours – Percide eliminates odours at their source by powerful anti-microbial action against odour causing germs.
  • Environmentally Safe – Percide is inherently biodegradable and is a great environmentally responsible choice.


How to Use

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the SDS before use. Percide is safe for use on most carpets and fabrics, however, some delicate fibres and fibres destabilised by disaster activity could be affected.


  • No dilution necessary.
  • Mix 9 parts Percide and 1 part Percide Boost for enhanced cleaning action (Use within 6 hours)
    1. Remove and clean away all wet and dry debris.
    2. Apply Percide solution to the affected area. Ensure all surfaces come into contact with Percide solution. The application can be by means of spray, wet fog, mop or cloth.
    3. Agitate briefly, where possible to promote penetration into porous substrates. Thorough agitation will dramatically aid mould and stain removal.
    4. Allow a minimum of 1 minute dwell time for disinfection and 10 minutes dwell time for mould remediation.
    5. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
    6. Repeating this process may be required for heavy mould conditions.


  • For heavy mould situations mix Percide with Percide Boost for accelerated mould eradication and cleaning performance. Agitate thoroughly, to achieve a perfect result.
  • After cleaning and disinfection is completed, Percide can be applied as a post residual treatment for enhanced inhibition of fresh mould growth.


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Hospital Grade Disinfectant – Percide

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